17th September 2021
  • 9:11 pm Through the Eyes of Ides Ofune – Women Shouldn’t Have to Choose Between Motherhood and Higher Education
  • 7:12 pm A Healthy Gut Can Keep Our Brains From Declining
  • 1:06 pm Staying Safe In The Time Of Covid 19 Variants
  • 1:54 pm Strengthening Exclusive Breastfeeding: Improving Workplace Policies
  • 12:31 pm PhD Researcher Oladapo Ajayi is improving the lives of underserved children through his NGO AfRII
  • 7:30 am The Rising Cost of Private Schools in Nigeria

Lead Consultant

Dr. Ebes Esho is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the College of Business and Economics, University of Johannesburg, South Africa. She had a stint at Covenant University where she facilitated courses at the undergraduate and post-graduate levels. Dr. Esho earned a Ph.D, MPhil, and an MBA from the prestigious Lagos Business School, Nigeria. Her first degree was in Accountancy from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.  Ebes has published book chapters and journal articles in international journals and her research work has been presented in international conferences in the United States and Switzerland such as Strategic Management Conference (SMS) and the globally renowned Academy of Management Conference (AOM). Part of her doctoral work won an award from the Academy of International Business Sub-Saharan Africa (AIB-SSA) in 2016. Prior to entering research and academai, she worked in various arms in two of the leading banks in Nigeria: United Bank for Africa (UBA) and Zenith Bank Plc for close to a decade. Ebes has specialist knowledge on the roles of strategic human capital, strategic factor markets, and contextual factors, in shaping business strategy and firm performance. Dr. Ebes  Esho consults widely for firms in various industries in Nigeria. She has also been a consultant on World Bank assisted projects in Nigeria where she supported SMEs and NGOs.


Ides Mildred Ofune is a bilingual programme design and delivery expert working in the development sector with over eight years of experience spanning the profit and non-profit sectors. She was part of team that implemented the 18 month pilot initiative of Nigeria’s pioneer innovative citizen-led household survey that assesses Nigerian children between the ages of 5-15 on their literacy and numeracy skills. This initiative has a strong theme of education, transparency, accountability and citizen agency. Prior to joining assessment initiative, Ides worked with The President Carter Centre in the United States of America where she supported development programmes and policy initiatives in the health programs, peace efforts in the monitoring of elections in some African states. She is a human resource professional who worked in the same capacity in the Banking sector and has undergone intensive professional training in human resource management. Ides is an associate of Chartered Institute of Personnel Management (CIPM) Nigeria. She is also a fellow of the Obama Young Africa’s Leadership Initiative (YALI West Africa) RLC.

Ides received a full fellowship from the Central European University Budapest where she had her Master’s Degree in international development and Public Policy. Her research proffered peaceful and workable solutions to the ongoing religious and cultural tensions in Nigeria. She earned a first class in Foreign Languages (French and German) from Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. Her skills range from qualitative research to programme design and delivery, programme strategy, monitoring and evaluation. Her long working experience in West Africa and the United States of America gives her profound understanding of the dynamics in the management and delivery of programmes. Ides is an education advocate who passionately believes that the development of the African continent lies in equipping citizens with the right skills and knowledge. She speaks English and French fluently.

Ides is currently a PhD student at the University of Leeds, United Kingdom where her research focuses on civil society and social accountability in the educational sector.