18th October 2019
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Dentalcare foundation

In celebration of celebrate Mandela day, Dentalcare Foundation carried out an Oral Health Education and Toothbrush community outreach at the Ansarudeen Nursery and Primary School, Opopogboro. Ado-ekiti, Nigeria. The outreach also doubled as a #yaliserves event.

As part of the outreach, the children were taught the right technique for brushing their teeth. This also included a short demonstration afterwards by two pupils. 365 toothbrushes were distributed to both students and  25 teachers. In addition, the children were taught about Nelson Mandela and current affairs on the continent.


Adekemi Adeniyan, founder of Dentalcare foundation says “we look forward to continuing this project in several primary schools. We are also looking for ways to use art and comic books to give oral health education.” Dentalcare foundation is on the lookout for good illustrators to partner with.

The foundation welcomes invitations to rural primary schools around the Southwest region of Nigeria and is looking to implement such outreaches in other parts of Nigeria as they work out logistics.

AdeKemi Adeniyan education the children on oral health

Dentalcare Foundation, formerly known as Dentoville foundation, is a Non-Profit Organization founded in 2018 with a view to improve and cater for free oral health care for orphans, children and adults in rural areas. Most adults and children in rural populations in Nigeria have limited access to dental care facilities.   

Dentalcare foundation with teachers

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