21st October 2021
  • 9:11 pm Through the Eyes of Ides Ofune – Women Shouldn’t Have to Choose Between Motherhood and Higher Education
  • 9:52 am Research confirms that intermittent fast produces weight loss.
  • 3:20 am AfricTivists Releases list of 10 Pre-finalists for AfricTivists Civic Action Prize.
  • 7:32 am Pursuing the ‘Made In Africa’ dream: Google, AFDB to invest over $3 billion.
  • 8:50 am Global Teacher Prize 2021: Who will take home $1 million?
  • 8:23 am 11 Tips For Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle

Isn’t it interesting how humanity has evolved over generations, influencing the way we trade, live and associate?

Imagine if you were a Hunter and gatherer and in your very own eyes agriculture disrupts your long belief of hunting?

Imagine if you were so skilled with farming and the industrial age mechanized all your processes with better efficiency and yield?

Imagine if you still went about your organization’s and company’s operations mechanically and some millennials spring up from incubators, leveraging on information and knowledge to reduce retention time, automating and hitting precision on all your mech-processes?

Should I speak of the wisdom age that is getting prepared with a ‘ruthless unfair advantage’? I leave this unsaid at the moment.

I have gone through these stages to bring to the fore how Human intelligence and management evolved over these ages. There is no gain saying that some dogmas in the industrial age are still in line with the “Carrot and Stick” philosophy. A philosophy that beats you with the stick and present an always-unreachable carrot as a reward. A philosophy that speaks less of human values. That encourages ‘kiss up’ in companies and organizations. In deceit, it boosted human performance in the industrial age but lost its savor in this age.

Isn’t it a ’20th century insanity’ that humans are put in Profit & Loss statement as expenses but equipment is put on the balance sheet as investment? Ridiculous! We’re too late to realize that Human knowledge and Human capital is the new currency. No better investment, no better asset exist. As we kissed a new century and the 3rd millennium 19 years ago, there was a shift of what companies call “greatest asset” from ‘production equipment’ to ‘knowledge workers’. CAPEX in the real sense is taking a human form.

May I submit that, If you seek an optimum yield from your organization and firm, throw away the carrot and stick, don’t manage Humans, help them find their VOICE and they would become leaders in their units and help others do same. It becomes a winding chain of influence.

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Emmanuel Ohanwe

Emmanuel is a content creator, Wikipedia editor - create profiles for notable individuals and companies in the world largest encyclopedia - Wikipedia, he has created 4 profiles in Wikipedia with over a 150 edits. He's a Creative and ghost writer - write for busy authors and conceptualize content around a theme. A copywriter - Gives your business catchy advertising concepts, captions and insignia.