23rd September 2020
  • 9:11 pm Through the Eyes of Ides Ofune – Women Shouldn’t Have to Choose Between Motherhood and Higher Education
  • 7:30 am The Rising Cost of Private Schools in Nigeria
  • 2:42 pm Meet Lawrence Okon Founder of Read Empire with the aim of alleviating poverty among young graduates
  • 4:58 pm Prevention is Better than Rehabilitation says 24 Year Old Adebimpe Adebara Founder of Piece of my Heart Foundation
  • 3:48 pm Read about how Pamela Stephen established Fortress Foundation to help teenagers overcome sexual abuse
  • 12:46 pm How to successfully develop a reading habit
Women Perform Better than MEN

According to this article by the Guardian UK, women work better in warmer temperatures. The news report quoted a study published in the journal PLOS On. The research, which studied 500 men and women was carried out in Germany. Men and women were required to perform a series of tasks in a variety of temperatures.

Women performed better in Maths and verbal tasks at higher temperatures. Men on the other hand, performed remarkably lower. However, in lower and cooler temperatures, men performed better. The significance in their performance was very large according to the study.

The article quoted from the studying saying that “our findings suggest that gender mixed workplaces may be able to increase productivity by setting the thermostat higher than current standards.”

What does this mean for people living in warmer climates? Does this mean women should perform better than men in Africa for example?