7th April 2020
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Zenvus Loci. is an innovative device borne out of a problem the innovator faced when a parcel he sent through a transport company got lost along the way. He decided to develop a product that can be used to track luggage and parcels wherever it is in Nigeria.  It is expected to work in various sectors such as security, transportation, logistics, and general mobility. Zenvus Loci is a largely disposable package tracker that can be re-usable. It can be used in the following sectors but not limited to:

source: tekedia.com


  1. In local shipment and delivery
  2. In trucks, vans, and long distance luggage
  3. In briefcases in planes and bags in buses


  1. luggage in any means

Humans:  to know where they are

  1. Workers in dangerous situation
  2. Children  


No installation is needed and device can be charged using a USB. It does not have wires and does not require any form of installation or servicing. It is simple to carry and can be hidden anywhere. This product was developed by Professor Ndibuisi Ekekwe.

I think this product will give you a peace of mind knowing that you can track your children wherever they are especially as Nigeria is becoming dangerous with rampant kidnappings everywhere, There is no excuse why your parcel should get lost again as it can be tracked. I am personally excited about this because it’s Nigerians solving our unique challenges with innovative solutions.

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Ides Ofune

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