11th July 2020
  • 9:11 pm Through the Eyes of Ides Ofune – Women Shouldn’t Have to Choose Between Motherhood and Higher Education
  • 3:24 pm Wounded or spoiled: The childhood roots of narcissism by Godbless Akaighe
  • 12:11 am Step by step approach to managing your anger by Emmanuel Etti
  • 8:29 pm IT’S NOT WORTH LOSING SLEEP – Step by step approach on how to get over past hurts by PhD Researcher Godbless Akaighe
  • 3:54 pm Book Review: Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In and the Career Challenges for Women who want families
  • 1:15 am Implications of the Covid-19 pandemic on working mothers

2020 Call for Concept Notes

In line with its vision of “a Nigeria where all people have access to affordable quality health care, education and opportunities to realise their potentials”, TY Danjuma Foundation – the first private indigenous philanthropic grantmaking organisation in Nigeria – announces its 2020 Call for Concept Notes.

Civil Society Organisations are invited to submit applications for funding of health, education projects in underserved and hard-to-reach communities across Nigeria.

The 2020 Call focuses on the following key areas:

  1. Preventable Blindness
  2. Maternal and Child Health
  3. Upgrading Teachers’ Quality

The deadline for submission of Concept notes is at 4pm on April 30, 2019.

Eligibility Criteria for TYDF Grants

Applicants for grants must satisfy the following conditions:

  • Be a registered not-for-profit organisation working in Nigeria;
  • Possess a valid audit report of not more than two (2) years old (This does not apply to applicants under Community Funds scheme);
  • Have a verifiable organisational structure;
  • Demonstrate community participation & government involvement in the proposed intervention; and
  • Have a track record of engagement in similar or related activities.

Ineligible Applicants TYDF grants WILL NOT be extended to the following:

  • Individuals;
  • Organisations that are not legally registered in Nigeria;
  • A branch of government or a government entity;
  • Any entity that has mismanaged TYDF funds in the past;
  • Political parties, institutions or their subsidiaries and affiliates;
  • Organisations that advocate, promote, or espouse inhumane policies, illegal activities or terrorism; and
  • Organisations whose proposals are of a religious nature. Ineligible Activities and Unallowable Costs TYDF’s grant funds cannot be utilized for the following causes:
  • Political campaigns
  • Religious or sectarian activities
  • Activities to be implemented outside Nigeria
  • Overseas training of any nature
  • Any activity that is illegal

Application Process

Only organisations whose concept notes are satisfactorily reviewed by Management and the Board would be contacted to submit full proposals on or before June 30, 2019.

About TY Foundation

The TY Danjuma Foundation is a private independent grant making philanthropic organisation based in Abuja, Nigeria. The Foundation was established by General TY Danjuma GCON (Rtd) and works with a distinguished Board of Trustees. The Foundation’s vision is a Nigeria where all people have access to affordable quality health care, education and opportunities to realise their potentials.

For more information on how to apply, download the 2020 Call for Concept Notes