11th December 2019
  • 9:11 pm Through the Eyes of Ides Ofune – Women Shouldn’t Have to Choose Between Motherhood and Higher Education
  • 4:56 pm Mosquito sterilization offers new opportunity to control diseases
  • 4:24 pm Togo partners with Dangote cement to transform phosphate into fertiliser
  • 3:25 pm Follow the Money wins Council of Europe Democracy Award
  • 3:17 pm Can we really afford not to be interested in Politics? Watch how to encourage politics in the family
  • 1:59 pm Apply for the Commonwealth Split Site Scholarship for Africans

Desert Bloom initiative is designed to identify and support small Non for Profit Organisations in Africa. We profile outstanding and credible organisations, make their programs/projects visible, and assist them in disseminating and promoting their upcoming projects/events. These set of organisations work tirelessly on the field doing great work and improving the lives of people living in small communities but rarely get the attention of large networks. We support these organisations by hosting their contents on all our online platforms for free (website, social media, blogs, and weekly newsletter). By profiling them and documenting their stories, we gain insights into how they operate, the challenges they face and the opportunities for potential collaboration.

In commemoration of International Women’s day, we are celebrating Ezinne Ezeani, the Founder of SheCan Nigeria, a Movement that empowers today’s woman to realise SheCan Do More. Ezinne walks her talk as she is indeed doing more. Not only is she the founder of SheCan Nigeria, she is also the current COO of MBR Signature an Outdoor and Ambient Advertising Company. Ezinne is a Managing Partner in ZK Signature, a Corporate Tour and Event Management Company.

Prior to her appointment at MBR Signature, she was the Human Resource Manager for an international hospitality firm and also worked as the Country Director for a Pan-African Travel Holiday Club where she led a team of over 15,000 club members. Ezinne hold a Master’s Degree in Managerial Psychology from the University of Lagos and a Bachelor Degree from the University of Ibadan. She is a certified member of Rise-Up Africa and an associate member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management.

What is the Movement “SheCan Nigeria” all about?

SheCan Nigeria is a movement for Today’s Woman to realise her potentials and develop her capabilities in achieving success through collaboration and empowerment to become active players and contributors in our world today.

A movement designed to drive a change in culture and perception of our Today’s Woman. Our goal is to empower adolescent girls and women through strategic Training, Mentoring, Counseling, Vocational Skill Acquisition and Community Empowerment Initiatives; grooming them to become change agents in their various communities and Industries.

In SheCan Nigeria Movement, we believe that “Empowered Women Empower Women”.“She Can Do More” is one core message we preach – both to the Woman whom as a result of her own, cultural values, psychologically beliefs that gender limits her possibilities in life; and the structural corporate gender discrimination which promotes the ideology that Men are better fit for some roles in the corporate and business world today, thereby subjecting women to perpetual self disfranchisement. Hence the need for every woman to see and acknowledge the potential within, invest in her self-confidence and strive to “Do More, Become More and Achieve More”. The Movement was officially launched April 13, 2018.

Are there any upcoming projects?

The 2019 SheCan Do More Conference is an annual event designed for every woman to realize “She Can Do More” irrespective of her Background, Gender, Career and Industry.

Sadly, most industry shaping our world today are practically male dominated (e.g. IT, Engineering, Aviation, Modern Farming etc.)  while the active women in the system are rarely given a share of voice to do more or given the required structural opportunity to realize their innate potentials as they are often treated as second class citizens and mostly vulnerable/victims of eventualities. Going by our findings, most women tend to shy away from the opportunities that abound within industries stereotyped to be male dominated, as they are most times influenced by some limiting mind set such as  ‘’I’m a woman syndrome”,  “work life balance”, “marriage status” etc.

The Conference is a platform for all stakeholders (Corporate partners, Beneficiaries, HR Professionals, Female Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Generation Next, Media Partners) to address aforementioned pertinent issues as relates to Women and the Girl child empowerment in Nigeria, to help her realise SheCan Do More.

Post Events: SheCan Charity Fair, SheCan Skill Acquisitions, SheCan Community Empowerment, SheCan Education Empowerment, Back To School and the SheCan Pray4Nigeria

What inspired you to set up this movement?

SheCan Nigeria is not about Gender equality but a movement/campaign for SheCan Do More. Having worked and served as the group HR Manager at an international organization and even as a country head in an International traveling company, one thing remains a constant factor when it comes to work force: Women in general practically, systematically and psychologically shy away from external/internal career or business opportunities even when it lies within their control. The major concern for most women has been the issue of “work life balance” which mostly is dependent on “TIME MANAGEMENT” (allocation of one’s time to the things that matters most to her). Secondly, women psychologically believe that their gender should make excuses for them as even at the workplace they want to be seen, treated and acknowledged as a woman and still preach gender equality.

The joy of being able to create a platform that empowers women and adolescent girls and the continuous impact our efforts are making in the life of a girl child and the society at large remains my continuous inspiration. Thanks to MBR Signature that has financed this dream and vision by helping it become a reality and more importantly to my amazing husband Stanley Ezeani who has remained my greatest inspiration for his continuously financially and intellectual support to this great vision and who will always want to see me do more.

From your experience, what do you think is the biggest challenge preventing women from reaching their potentials?

Her Mind, which is her biggest asset, filled with the emotions, passion and energy to conquer so much. Yet the emotion, which is also a big asset, becomes the weakest as she sometimes allows her emotion to drain the strength to face realities. Life is only willing to give you what you invest and take out of it and this can only happen when She sincerely believes in her innate potentials that SheCan Do More. Going by our findings, most women tend to shy away from the opportunities abound within industries stereotyped to be male dominated, as they are most times influenced by some limiting mind set such as  ‘’I’m a woman syndrome”,  “work life balance”, “marriage status” etc.

The core message of empowering women is what I believe as a person and what Desert Bloom Intiative continues to do. We will continue to do more to promote SheCan Nigeria.

Ides Ofune

Ides Ofune is currently a PhD Student at the University of Leeds. Her research focuses on civil society and accountability in improving the quality of education. She is the founder of Desert Bloom Initiative and editor of Desert Bloom Advisory. Ides is very passionate about education and creating an inclusive society. She speaks French and English fluently. She can be reached at info@desertbloomadvisory.com



  1. Ify Posted on 8th March 2019 at 7:20 pm

    Leave no woman behind! We are empowered to empower.

  2. Gboyega Ogunnubi Posted on 9th March 2019 at 8:38 am

    From the day I witnessed the SheCan pray for Nigeria program, I was certain Ezinne is a very focused & strong woman to pull it off. Her work rate & schedule is highly admired.
    More grace sis. God bless you & make you stronger.