4th December 2020
  • 9:11 pm Through the Eyes of Ides Ofune – Women Shouldn’t Have to Choose Between Motherhood and Higher Education
  • 12:31 pm PhD Researcher Oladapo Ajayi is improving the lives of underserved children through his NGO AfRII
  • 7:30 am The Rising Cost of Private Schools in Nigeria
  • 2:42 pm Meet Lawrence Okon Founder of Read Empire with the aim of alleviating poverty among young graduates
  • 4:58 pm Prevention is Better than Rehabilitation says 24 Year Old Adebimpe Adebara Founder of Piece of my Heart Foundation
  • 3:48 pm Read about how Pamela Stephen established Fortress Foundation to help teenagers overcome sexual abuse

When working in a group, some people struggle on how to bond with others or how the group dynamics should be. Being able to work in a group is becoming more crucial as companies become global and multicultural. Whether you belong to group at school, in a family or at work, these tips will be helpful in working successfully in a team:

Meet people properly: It all starts with the introduction. Exchange contact information and ensure to keep in touch not only when you meet but after meetings. Ensure you learn how to pronounce everyone’s names properly. Usually, learning how to pronounce names brings up small talks and conversations that melt the ice between strangers.

Find things you have in common: You can almost always find something in common with another person, and from there, it’s much easier to address issues where you have differences. Sports cut across boundaries of race and wealth. Weather is also common to everyone. As time goes on, you will find things in common with team members.

Let everyone talk: Don’t finish someone’s sentences. Let someone finish talking before you interrupt even if you think you already know the point the person is making. And talking louder or faster doesn’t make your idea any better.

Praise each other: Find something nice to say, even if it’s a stretch. The worst ideas can have silver linings if you look hard enough. No matter how stupid you think the suggestion might be, look for something positive about it. You will always find.

Check egos at the door: When you discuss ideas, label them and write them down. The label should be descriptive of the idea not the originator. As part of the team, value everyone and don’t consider yourself better than others.

These tips have been culled from the book, The Last Lecture, lessons in living by Randy Pausch.