14th May 2021
  • 9:11 pm Through the Eyes of Ides Ofune – Women Shouldn’t Have to Choose Between Motherhood and Higher Education
  • 12:31 pm PhD Researcher Oladapo Ajayi is improving the lives of underserved children through his NGO AfRII
  • 7:30 am The Rising Cost of Private Schools in Nigeria
  • 2:42 pm Meet Lawrence Okon Founder of Read Empire with the aim of alleviating poverty among young graduates
  • 4:58 pm Prevention is Better than Rehabilitation says 24 Year Old Adebimpe Adebara Founder of Piece of my Heart Foundation
  • 3:48 pm Read about how Pamela Stephen established Fortress Foundation to help teenagers overcome sexual abuse

As part of Desert Bloom Initiative, we profiled the Sierra Leone School Green Club (SLSGC) founded by Alhassan Sesay.

About the Club  

The Sierra Leone School Green Club (SLSGC) is an indigenous Community Based Organization (CBO) established in 2015. The organization has been engaged in climate change sensitization and mitigation strategy across Sierra Leone. It began as the challenges of climate change hit local communities in Sierra Leone. It focuses on environmental issues (Climate Change, Recycling), Agriculture in Schools and communities. SLSGC aims to bridge the knowledge gap on environmental education, climate change and global warming affecting humanity. SLSGC has impacted more than 1,000 direct beneficiaries and 5,000 indirect beneficiaries.

Its target audience includes educational institutions, local government structures, non-governmental organizations and local communities that are directly or indirectly been affected by climate change.

Projects implemented by SLSGC

  • During World Earth Day, on 22nd April, 2017, SLSGC organised a workshop titled “Climate literacy and environmental outreach” that brought together community leaders and stakeholders to learn about the effect of climate change and environmental issues.
  • On Mandela’s Day, 18th July, 2017, SLSGC organised a workshop and tree planting exercise at Huntingdon Secondary School, Freetown, Sierra Leone, which brought together more than 30 pupils and 10 teachers from different schools in the Western Rural District in Freetown.
  • SLSGC observed Good Deeds Day on the 15th April, 2018 with the Theme: “Ensuring a Cleaner Environment” in Jui, Freetown, Sierra Leone to compliment the effort of meaningful citizens of our world in ensuring a cleaner and healthy environment for all. SLSGC cleaned the Jui community to observe the day.
  • On September 8th 2018, it held an event called Inclusive Political will/local participation in renewable energy source for climate change mitigation summit – Jui, Freetown-Sierra Leone. SLSGC brought onboard 5 schools (5 students from each school), 2 Communities (10 members from the communities, 2 headmen, 1 Member of Parliament from the constituency, 2 counsellors, 2 youth leaders, 4 religious leaders, 4 security personnel) and 5 media organizations (print & electronics) where local leaders committed to formulating environmental friendly policies related to renewable energy sources within the local communities.
  • On the 12th January, 2019 SLSGC launched a project called “Climate Change Mitigation Capacity Building” for 10 Schools In the western rural district of Freetown, Sierra Leone. For this project, SLSGC will be establishing school orchard gardens and waste management facility. The project is a one year pilot phase project.

Current projects

SLSGC is presently working on an idea called “Plastic Won’t Reach the Beach” where we will be working with volunteers from the 10 schools and communities.

Partner organisations

  • 350 Africa
  • Citizen Climate Lobby Africa (CCL)
  • ClimateEducate
  • Climate Reality Project Africa
  • Environmental Protection Agency-Sierra Leone
  • Mother Earth Project

Key challenges

  • Key challenges include the high levels of people who are unenlightened about climate change in the country. This limits SLSGC’s ability to expand with the message of climate change.
  • Inadequate resource to address the challenges facing the organisation and communities.
  • Training staff on climate change and global warming.
  • Poverty and socio cultural factors in implementing some of its activities across the country.

Upcoming projects

SLSGC is currently working on a project called “Climate Change Mitigation Capacity Building for Schools and Communities in the Western Rural District of Sierra Leone”.  The objectives are to improve environmental governance in schools across Western Rural Freetown, using participatory approaches that bring together stakeholders to share experiences on climate change mitigation and adaptation. It expects to:

Alhassan Sesay
  • Establish 10 School Green Clubs, with each club comprising of 50 pupils, 2 teachers and 2 parents.
  • Put in place a fully operational waste management system within each participating school
  • Establish a vegetable and orchards garden in each participating school
  • Plant economical trees such as breadfruit, orange, and mango in each participating school

It is a 12 months pilot project and it will be replicated to other schools if the project succeeds.

Another possible event will be held on the 7th April, 2019, where SLSGC will be partnering with Good Deeds’ Day to undertake an environmental education within its environs.

Funding the organisation

Through pledges, donations, grants and monthly contributions

Continuity and sustainability plans   

SLSGC plans to reach as many communities as possible with climate change education, mitigation and adaptation strategies for self-reliance and sustenance. It also aims to establish more Green Clubs, orchards farms, more tree planting within the country. Finally, it plans to establish a recycling project so as to create jobs for our youth.

SLSGC aims to achieve this through networking, partnership with local and international organizations with common goals and agenda, building the capacity of our volunteers and staff for future programs. It will also work with civil society groups on knowledge sharing and experiences learnt.

Connect with SLSGC

Alhassan Sesay’s Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/alhassansesay8775

Sierra Leone School Green Club Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/SLschoolgreenclubs/

Sierra Leone School Green Club Twitter Page: https://twitter.com/sierraleonesch1

Sierra Leone School Green Club Youtube Videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9kFsLWxQlxaJoVyh1xyh9g

Hamlet Project page: http://phoenixvoyageafrica.weebly.com/sierra-leone.html

Event on World Earth day: https://www.facebook.com/YALINetwork/posts/1346282568786537Parachutes display in US: https://motherearthproject.org/parachute-details/?parachute_id=MTAx